PUREST ORGANICS Soothing Diaper Cream

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PUREST ORGANICS soothing diaper cream is for everyday use to protect and help soothe your infant from wicked diaper rash. With the soothing properties of Australia Chamomile, Australia Calendula and New Zealand Manuka Honey, it will gently moisturise your baby’s skin with Aloe Lead Juice and Shea Butter

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Best Seller Product

As reported by IDC Worldwide Quarterly Report 2018

Purely Organic

Contains pristine extracts of Australian Chamomile Flowers, Calendula Flowers & New Zealand Manuka Honey

For The Babies

Signature soothing blend provides your baby with a soothing therapy

Everyday Use

Protect and help your infant from wicked diaper rash so they can sleep sound and happy.

Moisturising Properties

Contains Aloe Leaf Juice and Shea Butter that functions as moisturiser for the baby’s skin.

Additional information

Nett Weight

3.4oz (100ml)


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